2022 Facebook + Website Business Listing of Supporting Businesses

As we approach the 2022 Waunakee Garage Sale Days, we want to remind everyone WHY we do this event. It is to support our local community, its members and its businesses. We are looking forward to a awesome 2022 Waunakee Garage Sale Days and hope whether you are a shopper, seller or business that it is great for you!

We get many questions asking us why we don’t produce an electronic copy of the map booklet and post it online. The answer is simple, we choose to support our local businesses who make this booklet possible by designating them as the sole distribution points. Please support them by picking up a Map at their locations (look for the Maps Here Signs) and thank them for helping to make the 2022 Garage Sale Days possible!

Please do not scan and upload the booklet or share it online, and let those who do, know we would appreciate them supporting our local businesses by not doing so. Thank you!!

The event runs Thursday through Saturday. In consideration for those who take vacation time for the event dates, travel large distances and plan time to shop together with friends we don’t list Wednesday sales. This event works well when we are all mindful of each other.

Personal Ad Form

Personal Ad Submissions for 2022 Have Closed

Business Ad Form

Business Ad Submissions for 2022 Have Closed

Neighborhood Map

Wondering what neighborhood grouping you live in? Click the link below for a map of Waunakee with color coded neighborhood groups.

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Got Questions ...

Please let us know if you have any questions or are in further need of assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.