Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please see below to the answers of our  most common questions. If you would don't see your question listed or would like more information or clarification on any of the topics below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

When are the garage sales held this year?

The "Waunakee Garage Sale Days" are held annually each spring during Mother's Day weekend. In 2018 they will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday: May 10, 11 and 12. The Village of Waunakee has both a spring and fall garage sale weekend each year. The fall garage sale weekend is held the Thursday, Friday and Saturday after Labor Day. There is no Garage Sale Map produced for the fall sales.

What is the Garage Sale Map?

The Waunakee Garage Sale Map is a 48 page booklet that contains listings of all of the participating sales by neighborhood, and ads for those businesses who are supporting this event, many offering special weekend deals for shoppers. The centerfold of the booklet is a full page spread of a map of the Village of Waunakee which is color coded with its many neighborhoods to make shopping easier. The cover is donated by John Sargent, a former resident and postmaster. Each year's cover highlights a local landmark in Waunakee. There are 5000 copies printed each year and distributed through local businesses.

Is there a charge for the Garage Sale Map?

No, the map booklets are distributed for free thanks to all those individuals and businesses who purchase ads. Their participation covers the cost of producing the map and allows us to freely distribute to local shoppers.

Where and when can I get a copy of  the Map?

The Waunakee Garage Sale Map is only distributed through those local businesses who advertise in it and make it possible for us to provide it. Look for "Maps Here" yard or window signs indicating that Maps are available. Maps will be available starting on the Wednesday night prior to the event and through the duration.

In 2018, the map booklets will be initially distributed on Wednesday, May 9th between 5-6PM.