2020 Waunakee Garage Sale Days COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, and with the guidance we have received based on what is currently known, we are rescheduling the 2020 Waunakee Garage Sale Days event from May 7,8,9 to the traditional Fall Garage Sale Weekend of September 10,11,12.

We considered a number of factors in making this determination such as:

  1. The overall number of attendees - We are well over the recommended size for safe community-wide mass gatherings at this time. Thousands of people participate in this event.
  2. The number of people participating who are at increased risk - Many elderly or at risk people not only attend and shop but also host garage sales, as well as volunteer at many of the local community club and charity sales.
  3. The level of transmission potential in our local community and in the areas that the event attendees will travel from and to - This event pulls people from all over Wisconsin and a five state area. In addition, there is wide contact with many people as attendees travel from home to home or business to business. There is great opportunity for a person to encounter many others both in person and through contact of items.

We are asking everyone to do their part to help protect the members of our communities. It will be a team effort by both sellers, shoppers, and vendors.

We strongly encourage people to NOT hold garage sales in May. We are asking each neighborhood association to post this message. As neighborhoods and individuals we must work together to be able to move the Garage Sale Days to the fall and to help keep our community both safe and vibrant.

This event not only helps individual garage sale holders but also many of our local restaurants and small businesses. The availability of many garage sales coordinated on the same dates creates the influx of many shoppers who then frequent our small businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores etc.. providing them greater sales / income. We are asking everyone to help us push to make the 2020 Fall Garage Sales great and to help those small businesses receive the benefits of many customers at that time.

We understand there is never any perfect reschedule. Conflicts happen and the flow of life is different. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we attempt to navigate this unprecedented situation and continue to promote this event for the community.

If you have already signed up for the Spring Waunakee Garage Sale Days we will be contacting you to confirm you would like to move your registration to the September 2020 event dates. Again, the 2020 Waunakee Garage Sale Days have been rescheduled to the annual fall dates of September 10th, 11th and 12th.

Any questions, can be emailed to info@waunakeegaragesaledays.com or you can call 608-850-3111.

Thank you,

The Waunakee Garage Sale Days Team

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